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Marie Curie Fellowships for Early Stage Training (EST)

Advanced Training in Hybrid Technologies for Nanostructured Composites(ADVATEC)

EU Marie Curie EST, 2005-2009, Contract No. MEST-CT-2005-020986

Project Coordinator: Prof. E. Burkel
Telephon: +49 (0)381 498 6860
Fax: +49 (0)381 498 6862
email: eberhard.burkelsymbol of

Considerable research efforts are needed to improve the integrated processing of nanomaterials and composite nanostructures. Cutting-edge results are nowadays awaited from special field- and pressure-assisted synthesis and processing technologies developed during the past few years. Special techniques such as field-assisted or microwave sintering are examples of highly-promising approaches towards the synthesis of bulk materials with ultrafine microstructures. Another special feature of the new technologies is the ability to consolidate dissimilar materials (metallic particles, polymers, ceramics) into complex nanostructured systems, such as composite bulk nanomaterials, thin films, coatings and nanosize clusters deposited on substrates. Hybrid technologies that integrate soft-chemical synthesis (colloidal chemistry, sol-gel) with mechanical activation, pulsed current, ultrasonic, laser or microwave radiation processing are at the forefront of technological development. The proposed training and research programme further addresses the essential question of ultrafast energy transfer to the precursor materials during their non-equilibrium processing into nanostructured composites, one of the main advantages of modern field-assisted technologies over conventional approaches.