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Project 5

"Inventing Ride-Enhanced Non-Pneumatic Wheel"

EST Project MEST-CT-2005-020986

Ride-Enhancing Tread Band
Ride-Enhancing Tread Band*
*Patent application pending with German Patent- and Trademark Office

Fellow  M.Tech. Kundan Kumar
Foreseen duration 36 months and 2 weeks
Start Date 15.09.2006
End Date 30.09.2009
Ministering Institut Institute of Lightweight Construction and Design,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology,
University of Rostock, Germany
Project Images
Figure 1. Omega-shaped flexible webs, made up of fiber-reinforced functionally gradient
polymer composite material, are the building-blocks of proposed design.

Figure 2. Soft and solid hemispherical knobs of the belt compress locally under impact
loads thereby providing a softer ride.
*Patent application pending with German Patent- and Trademark Office
Project Goal To design and develop a ride-enhanced non-pneumatic wheel, made up of fiber reinforced composite material, which would provide a pneumatic-like ride comfort
Description Project summary
  • A non-pneumatic wheel, comprising of outer and inner cylindrical coaxial members (hoops) and in the space between them circumferentially spaced omega-shaped webs, made up of fiber-reinforced composite material has been designed.
  • Poor ride quality is a critical bottleneck of non-pneumatic wheel design. A generic ride-enhancing belt-structure concept, to be used with any kind of non-pneumatic wheel, has been developed to improve the ride quality.
  • Extensive FE simulations (using commercially available finite element code ABAQUS) have been carried out to compute and validate the ride-characteristics of proposed non-pneumatic wheel design.
Papers in international peer reviewed conferences,
Participation in workshops, summer schools, study visits and tutorials,
  1. 34th Annual Tire Mechanics Short Course - University of Akron, USA in co-operation with Tire Technology Expo 2009; 16-19 February, 2009, Hamburg (Germany)
  2. “Impact Engineering of Composite Structures”, International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Udine (Italy), 21-25 July, 2008
  3. Junior EUROMAT 2008, Lausanne (Switzerland), 14-17 July, 2008
  4. “Functional Materials and Nanotechnology” Materials' Days-2008, Rostock, 26-27 June, 2008
  5. “Doctoral and Postdoctoral Summer School on Soft and Critical Systems Thinking”, University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano (Switzerland), 2-13 June, 2008
  6. “Functional Materials and Nanotechnology” Materials' Days-2007, Rostock, 3-4 May, 2007