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Kundan Kumar M.Sc.

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Institute of Lightweight Construction and Design, University of Rostock

Curriculum Vitae

Kundan Kumar is presently working for his PhD at the University of Rostock under the supervision of Prof Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Scharr and Prof. Dr. Eberhard Burkel. He is one of the six Research Fellows associated with EU-funded ADVATEC Project. Before coming to Rostock, he worked for a year with Structural Design Research Group at TU-Eindhoven in The Netherlands as Research Assistant and spent another two years working as FEA-Computational Engineer in Japan. He holds a Master of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay. During his Masterís studies, he received a scholarship from DAAD to pursue Dissertation work at TU-Darmstadt in Germany.
His Topic of Materials' Days 2009:

A Non-Pneumatic Wheel: Recent Developments

Since the invention of pneumatic tyre technology, engineers and scientists have attempted to design and develop a pneumatic-like non-pneumatic wheel. Many of those attempts have resulted in wheels that do not require pressurized air to support the vehicle load. However, they are no match to ride quality and durability of pneumatic wheels. The present research makes a new attempt, using a unique combination of innovative design and fiber-reinforced composite materials, to develop a non-pneumatic wheel with conventional pneumatic wheel like ride comfort. The proposed presentation will describe a non-pneumatic structure that offers an enhanced ride-comfort and matches closely to other performance requirements of a continuous use ground tyre.