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Dr. Marko Häckel

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Dr. Marko Häckel is the CEO of neoplas GmbH, which was founded as a technology-transfer-centre of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V (INP Greifswald) in 2005.  neoplas develops prototypes, guides them to their maturity phase and is in addition active in the international management and the marketing of research. At the INP Greifswald, Marko Häckel is responsible for the policy unit, the acquisition of third-party funds, law and patents as well as the academic information supply.  Coming from the Project Management Organization Jülich, the chemist worked for the Leibniz Association from 2002-2007, being in charge of the Brussels liaison offices at last.  During his academic career, he concentrated on the thermodynamic characterization of proteins at the University of Münster, Palmerston North (New Zealand) and the University of Texas Medical Branch on Galveston Island.
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More Competitive Proposals for European Funding

The European Union is one of the main donors worldwide, and provides numerous opportunities to (co-)finance R&D projects. All sectors can benefit from EU funding opportunities, from universities to SMEs and non-profits to major corporations. The intricacies of EU funding are briefly demonstrated.