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Vishal Khosla

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CETR (Center for Tribology Inc., USA)

Curriculum Vitae

  • MS, Material Science and Engineering, University of Florida (Aug’02- Dec’04)
Worked at National Science Foundation center – PERC (Particle Engineering Research Center ) at University of Florida Aug 02 – Dec 04
  • Worked on STI and MEMS CMP.
  • Worked on formulating Silica nanoparticles – porous particles, large particles for medical and CMP applications.
Worked full time as a process engineer at ASM Nutool (May 2004-Dec 2005)
  • Part of team responsible for initiating and developing Electro Chemical Mechanical Polishing (ECMP) process which involved design of electrolyte, design of backside cleaning chemistries, design and selection of pad, pad conditioner development, optimizing various process variables and inputs to engineering to come up with a production worthy hardware.
  • Part of a team which successfully demonstrated direct plating and 3D plating of copper on Ruthenium and Tantalum.
  • Responsible for initiating Pad conditioner work for Copper CMP and ECMP.
  • Key technology engineer for Electrochemical mechanical Deposition (ECMD), Electrochemical Deposition (ECD), Chemical mechanical Polishing (CMP) and ECMP processes.
  • Part of team responsible for directly supporting and dealing with customers on site at ST Crolles (France).
Working full time as a Sr Application and Marketing Engineer at CETR (Dec 2005-)
  • Closely involved with launching new tools - Post CMP cleaner, eCMP Polisher, portable Nanoindenter, Windmill tester, Biodiesel Tribometer , Bio Tribometer etc.
  • Working on ASTM committee to develop standards for CMP consumables.
  • Responsible for helping researchers in advance application development.
  • Responsible for integrating new technologies to our platform. Responsible for developing company marketing strategies which also includes website, brochures, writing technical and white papers, blogs etc.
  • Responsible for handling various trade shows/sales related activities across the globe.
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His Topic of Materials' Days 2009:

Nano-mechanical and tribological characterization of thin films

The present work gives an overview of the different methods and technologies that can be used for evaluation of tribological and nano mechanical properties of coatings and thin films. Reciprocating wear, scratch-adhesion, nano-indentation and instrumented micro tests are reviewed here. The Universal Nano & Micro Tester with multiple sensors (indentation and wear depth, normal and lateral forces, contact electrical resistance, acoustic emission, temperature) and integrated both atomic force and optical microscopes has been utilized to characterize mechanical properties of thin films, with in-situ monitoring their changes during the tests. This study shows how multiple simultaneous parameters measurements can give a better knowledge of the surface properties.