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Ing. Heinz Kessel

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FCT Systeme GmbH, Rauenstein

Curriculum Vitae

Ing. (FH) Heinz Kessel (61) studied mechanical engineering at the University for Applied Sciences in Coburg. For 16 years he was involved in the development of non-oxide ceramic materials and components in the research group CeraNox (AnnaWerk). He is entrepreneur since 1983 and founded the company FCT Fine Ceramics Technologies. He is the managing partner of the FCT company group whose focus is the sintering technology and equipments for production of powder metallurgical and special ceramic materials. He has been the head of the FCT company group till today.

His Topic of Materials' Days 2010:

Field Assisted Sintering Technology - Future Aspects

FAST/SPS is the state-of-the-art Field Assisted Sintering Technology (Spark Plasma Sintering) developed by FCT. It offers rapid consolidation of a wide range of powders from all fields of ceramic and metallic materials, enabling significantly improved or even completely novel materials. This was shown very frequently in the last decades, resulting in a huge amount of scientific papers, which report promising results at almost all times. But the main part of FAST/SPS applications reported so far are still in the area of material development, although more than enough opportunities for an industrial implementation were generated. Therefore future aspects of FAST/SPS will concentrate on a further growing industrial use, which will be highly dependent on the availability of suitable equipment. After a short overview of the FAST/SPS technology the presentation explains the most important industrial production requirements, which has to be fulfilled by the FAST/SPS equipment. Subsequently examples for industrial applications will be presented, concluded by a preview of future developments.