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Prof. Dr. Ingrid Hilger (PhD)

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Leader of the Department of Experimental Radiology at the University Hospital Jena

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Hilger (PhD) is leader of the Department of Experimental Radiology at the University Hospital Jena. She is one of the main researchers worldwide promoting magnetic heating closer to clinical practise. She brings long-lasting experience on the field, particularly analysis of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic heating purposes, magnetic nanoparticle functionalization, interaction of magnetic nanoparticles with biological systems, magnetic nanoparticle pharmacokinetics, design of magnetic field application systems for clinical practise, and MRI / molecular imaging approaches. She has merited with the Walter-Friedrich Award 2003 from the German Radiological Society.

Her Topic of Materials' Days 2010:

How to use magnetic nanoparticles for minimal-invasive tumor treatments

The therapeutic strategy for the treatment of tumours is being changing in the last time. Particularly in relation to breast cancer, organ conserving therapies are gaining increased interest. The potential of such techniques is associated with the treatment of early tumour stages with a good prognosis. Considering this aspects, the accumulation of magnetic materials (iron oxides, e.g. magnetite) in the tumour region and the exposure of the whole breast to an alternating magnetic field was proposed. By this procedure, the magnetic material absorbs energy from the magnetic field and converts it into heat which is used to eliminate the tumour. This talk deals with key issues related to the proposed therapy method for the clinical praxis. Here, the heating potential of magnetic materials, the particle interaction with cells, the choice of magnetic field parameters taking into account the effect of unfavourable eddy current heating will be described. I will further report on the functional dependencies for the expected temperature increase at the tumour site, the critical heat dose for a destruction of tumour cells, in vivo- and in vitro experimental data and numerical estimations for the feasibility of the generation of localised heat spots. The expected wash out of magnetic material from the tumour region will be discussed on the base of experimental findings.