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Øresund Brokerage Rostock 2010

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The Øresund Brokerage on September 16th is the follow up event of the successful cooperation exchange event in Lund last year, which was organized by the Øresund Science Region in close cooperation with the three northern provinces of Germany, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern .

This year the forum will take place in the frame of the Materials´ Days Rostock and it will focus on Material Sciences, Life Sciences, Environment and Energy welcoming cross-disciplinary approaches. Researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany will present their project ideas to a broad auditorium and a jury of experts.

Each idea should be presented within three minutes by using just one power point slide. Besides visitors from Universities and Research Centers we aim to attract especially guests from industry in order to create international cooperation among each other in the Øresund region and Northern Germany. New contacts among foreign partners should be helpful for the acquisition of funds within the next EU calls. Therefore, the experts of the jury will evaluate the presentation immediately, also in respect of EU funding. The presentations will be the basis of informal and precise matchmakings during the evening event.

Combining the Brokerage with the established Materials´ Days Rostock should strengthen the efforts of the transnational initiatives Science Corridor and the Øresund Materials Platform to create a successful network between the Research facilities and the researchers in academia and industry also in the education and training of young people.

   Benefit for participants

  • increase international cooperation among research institutions
  • increase international cooperation between research institutions and SMEs
  • evaluation of project ideas
  • support to find specific solutions for project financing e. g. EU funding
  • working sessions of stakeholders guided by coaches

If you have interest to present a project idea on the subjects "Material Sciences", "Life Sciences", "Energy" or "Environment" and you are looking for partners at universities, SME´s or other organizations you find

here a registration form

to announce your project idea. Your registration will be checked and upon suitability it will be presented on this page .


We reserved, for your convenience, 20 rooms at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Rostock. Under the reference "Öresund", the rooms cost EUR 99 (incl. breakfast) and must be reserved before August 18th, 2010.

Radisson Blu Hotel
Lange Straße 40
18055 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381/37500
Fax :+49 381/3750 10
Email: info.rostock@radissonblu.com

Also, we reserved 20 rooms at the Hotel "Am Hopfenmarkt". The rooms cost EUR 79 under the reference "Öresund" at this Hotel, and must be reserved before August 20th, 2010.

Hotel am Hopfenmarkt
Buchbinderstr. 10
18055 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381/4583443
Fax: +49 381/4031082
E-Mail: info@am-hopfenmarkt.de

Other hotels which you might book include among others:

Hotel Ibis, Rostock
Warnowufer 42-43
18057 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381/24221-0
Fax: +49 381/24221444
InnerCity Hotel Rostock
Herweghstraße 51
18055 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381/4950-0
Fax: +49 381/4950-999

Project ideas for Øresund Brokerage

We will present further announced project ideas here during the next weeks.

At this moment we have checked 27 announced project ideas.

   Research area Material Sciences

Title of the project idea For mor information
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Heat Treatment Simulation of Light Metal Alloys
Polymer-particle interaction in organic / inorganic nanocomposites
Energy influx measurements with the active thermal probe
Photocatalytically active materials
Novel micro processing applications with high power picosecond lasers
Advanced Magnetic Materials
Biocompatible Titanium alloys and foams with superfine microstructures by using Rapid-cooling SPS system
Micro and Nanostructured Materials through Field Assisted Sintering for Industrial Applications

   Research area Life Sciences

Title of the project idea For mor information
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Novel methods for RNA imaging
Development of a novel in-vitro model for the determination of drug delivery of implants to human bone
Aptamers and fucosyltransferase
Compton-CT: tomographic imaging with scattered X-rays
Custom-made scaffold for bone tissue engineering
innovative plasma technology for enzyme immobilization
Hierarchical structures for biosensing
In vitro monitoring of the metabolic parameters of murine stem-cell derived cell types - a potential animal replacement method
Neuronal networks in miniaturized neurochips as a system for the analysis of neuronal communication
Optimization of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Cultivation of synthetic bone scaffolds in a dynamic three dimensional cell culture system
AC electro-thermal micropumps for µTAS or Lab-on-a-chip systems
Integrated sensors for the monitoring of metabolic parameters in planar and 3D cell-culture systems
High added value products from marine microbes - northern Blue Biotech network
Characterization of chemical and physical influences on living cells
Adjustable flow restrictor for implantable infusion pumps
Spectroscopic monitoring of in-vitro neuronal network cultures on MEA-neurochips

   Research area Energy

Title of the project idea For mor information
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"Formic Acid - A Convenient Material for Liquid Hydrogen Storage"

   Research area Environment

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