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Prof. Adrian R. Rennie,

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Materials Physics, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Curriculum Vitae

Adrian Rennie graduated from the University of Cambridge, UK with a Ph.D. for work in polymer physics in 1981. He subsequently worked in Germany and France and at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and London before taking his present position as profesor at Uppsala University, Sweden in 2003. His work has been primarily in the field of soft matter but has been involved extensively with neutron and synchrotron facilities for a range of applications in the study of physics and chemistry of materials.
Activities have included directing the Neutron Research Laboratory at Studsvik as well as broad range of research and teaching assignments. Adrian Rennie is author or co-author of more than 200 publications..
His Topic of Materials' Days 2011:

Interaction of nanoparticles in liquids at rest and under flow fields

Many properties of materials are strongly influenced by the conditions under which they are prepared or processed. The delicate balance of energy and interactions of nanoparticles and of nanostructured materials makes this area one that benefits from in-situ studies, as the fields are applied or during synthesis. The talk will present several examples of studies of particles such as discs and spheres under different flow fields (shear, elongational etc) as well as the preparation of structured samples in bulk and at interfaces. The advantages of neutron and high energy X-ray studies for studies will be illustrated with results on colloidal dispersions and synthesis of nanostructured materials.