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Prof. Janis Grabis,

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Riga Technical University, Latvia

Curriculum Vitae

His Topic of Materials' Days 2011:

Preparation of nanoparticles by thermal plasma or chemical technique and their processing.

The improvement of parameters of functional and construction materials and development of new materials are closely connected with wide application of nanosized powders and their particulate composites as well as with detailed studies of their characteristics and processing.The present work summarizes our studies on preparation of nanoparticles by plasma and chemical synthesis. and their fast sintering.
Plasmachemical synthesis has been applied successfully for producing nitride, oxide,carbide,metal nanopowders and their multicomponent composites by introducing and evaporation of coarse-grained commercially available powders of chemical elements,oxides or salts in nitrogen or air plasma. Chemical methods such as combustion synthesis, molten salts route were used for preparation of YAG,zirconia-alumina,zinc oxide and boron suboxide powders. Specific surface area and average particle size of powders in the range of 20-90 m2/g and 10-100 nm, respectively, are determined by synthesis parameters ,cooling rate of the products and their chemical and phase composition.
The high activity, regular shape and homogeneity of the produced powders allow manufacture of dense materials with fine-grained microstructure by using spark plasma sintering.